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Why you procrastinateToday I made the conscious decision to choose joy and love, over fear, as much as possible. With COVID-19 and other things going on in our world the fear is quite palpable everywhere it seems – social media, traditional media, the grocery store, wherever. I am just not feeling like contributing to that fear anymore. It is not good for any of us. And even though I do a decent job of staying out of fear it has still been wearing me down. I am ready to embrace the joy and the positives in this world while still taking precautions where I can.

We are in the heat of summer in NC. My favorite season. I am going to enjoy it!

I have friends and family. I am going to enjoy them!

I launched a business in April. I am going to enjoy building that business! I am going to enjoy working with my clients!

Thanks to everything slowing down I have more time to really work on myself spiritually. My friends and family are helping me with that!! I am thankful for this time to grow in this way!

I am not downplaying COVID-19 and the health concerns it can cause. What I am saying is that I choose to live in the world that includes COVID-19 while still bringing joy and love into the world at the same time.

Who knows what is going to happen with COVID-19 or anything else for that matter. What I do know is that all that really matters is right now! Why ruin the awesomeness of the present by worrying so much about the uncertainty of the future – and that future could go in all kinds of directions for each one of us – and that was always true. We are just suddenly more aware of it now.

A Story of Leading With Joy

There was a woman that worked at one of the shops at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (Concourse E for those familiar) who used to sing constantly while she worked. She sang songs but mostly she sang conversations. She sang ” Hello, how are you today?” as you walked through the door. She sang to you the amount that you owed and the amount of change she gave back to you. She sang to wish you a nice flight as you left. She added a lot of cheer to the hustle and bustle and stress around her. I always respected her for that. Hopefully she is still working there!

I want to be more like her! I want to bring cheer into people’s lives. I want to approach everyone with love first rather than fear – in every situation. I want to look for the love in everyone. I want to connect with each person’s spiritual essence as much as I possibly can.

A Story of Leading With Love

I have a really good friend who connects to love in all the people she meets – at least that has been my experience when I have been around her. It amazes me and shows me what is possible.  It opens up so many opportunities to truly connect on a deeper level with everyone – friends, family, sales clerks, restaurant wait staff, the neighbor walking down the street – everyone!

I have been able to do this at times in my life – when I am in the right mood or the right situation. I want to be in that mood and that situation more. The key is approaching everything with love and joy. Not falling into the fear cycle. This in itself is a spiritual practice!

My Commitment to Following Joy and Love

So today I committed myself to the spiritual practice of joy and love. It will never be perfect – nothing ever is – but it will be wonderful.

I am not sure what is going to happen in this world with COVID-19. I am not positive what my future holds. The truth is, I never did! What I am sure of is that I want to live the rest of my life following joy and love and helping others do the same. This doesn’t mean I will not experience the other emotions. It doesn’t mean I will not have issues, concerns, troubles, etc. Spiritual practice includes challenges too. What it does mean is that I am committed to keep learning through it all. I am committed to help others learn through it all too.

Like the woman at the airport I want to help bring joy to others.

Like my friend, I want to seek to connect to the love in others first any time that is possible.

So today, at the grocery store I sang “Wanted Dead or Alive” out loud as I walked through the aisles. Why because it was the last song I heard in the car before walking in and because I felt like adding some cheer and love to what felt like a general stress and fear vibe in the store.

And then when I got home, since it was pouring down rain, I went for a walk in it barefoot! Why? because that is what I would have done when I was 10 years old. Why? Because it brought me joy back then. Guess what. It brought me joy today too!!

What About You?

What can you do bring more joy and love into your own life?  Please let me know your ideas in the comments!  The true beauty of all of this is that when you do this for yourself you automatically bring more joy and love to others as well.  This is part of what makes connecting to joy, love, and passion a spiritual practice – because it is about more than just you!  It is about others too.  It is about connecting to the divine in others!  It is about connecting to the divine, period!

I Can Help You Reconnect to Joy, Love, and Your Passion

As a coach for men, I help men reconnect to joy in their lives.  I specialize in helping men identify the source of frustration and/or overwhelm in their lives and from there I help them find their best path to reconnect to that lost passion and joy!  If you are a man looking to reconnect to passion and joy in your life I assure you it can absolutely happen.  I know from experience, and I am here to help you find your way back to it too.  I invite you to click the link below to take a look at my website and offerings.  Please contact me via the form there or by leaving a comment on this post if you would like to schedule a free introductory consultation.  Let’s have some fun getting back to that passion and joy!

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With Peace, Love, and Gratitude,