The Path to Peace:  Men’s Group Coaching

Group coaching for men looking to GROW in their connection with themselves and the world around them.

How challenging is it to find other men who are willing, ready, and able to dig deep into the current challenges of being a man in this world today?

Very challenging right!!

And how challenging is it to find someone who will listen to your concerns, help you find your own right answers for returning to your place of strength, peace, and joy, AND help you create and set your best action plan for getting there AND hold you accountable along the way?

Also very challenging!

And is it even possible to find both in one place?  Great news!  You can have all of that simply by making one important decision.

Join the Finding Men’s Peace Group Coaching Sessions.


6-month commitment

Path to Peace Group Coaching takes the topics covered in the Finding Your Inner Strength Fellowship call one huge step further because COACHING is included. 

Path to Peace Group Coaching members will attend two group meetings per month.  First, you will join the Finding Your Inner Strength Group Membership call once per month to learn about the men’s topic of the month via a presentation by Steve. Below is the topic line up for the next 6 months:

Upcoming Calls

These calls will be held on Wednesday evenings once per month at 8:30p EST.
Recordings will be sent if you cannot make the call live.

 JUNE 17th:  Implementing structure – Through structure, simplify your life to a point where all of those tough decisions become so much easier.  Learn how to gain more energy and productivity.  Gain the time and drive to pursue the activities that align with your passions.

JULY 8th: Holding space – Learn to be with someone without judgment. Give them the space to work through their concerns and in so doing you will open up a whole new and very much needed trust connection.  If you are looking for a key to improving all of your relationships – romantic, business, friendships, etc – look no further!!

AUGUST 12th: Practicing discernment – cultivate the ability to take available information, synthesize it, and determine what is best or most true.  Understand and practice discernment to help you gain a sense of confidence that you have been seeking in your own decision making.

SEPTEMBER 9th: Forming a clear purpose – Find that place of fulfillment that you have been searching for.  Move into a healthier, happier, more vibrant life.

But this Group Coaching program goes deeper than that …

As a member of Path to Peace Group Coaching, you will first participate in the monthly presentation of each of the above topics that occur as part of the Finding Inner Strength Fellowship Calls.  During those calls, you learn the details of each monthly topic and how, once mastered, they add to your inner strength as a man in this world.  But mastery is the challenge and with Path to Peace Group Coaching you start following the path to get there.  After the Finding Inner Strength Group Membership Call, you are asked to take that topic and look for places in your life where it applies – especially for places where it is a challenge for you or where you feel there is room for improvement.  Remember, challenges are always opportunities for growth and growth does not happen without willingness and work.

You then attend the Path to Peace Group Coaching Call for the month where you receive actual coaching around your challenge or area in need of improvement related to that topic.  And in turn, you also learn from the coaching that each of the other men receive on that topic as well.  The more you bring to the table for each Path to Peace Group Coaching Call the more you grow and the more the other men in the group are able to grow too.

What you get:

  • 1-hour introductory call for the group
  • Access to the 1-hour Finding Inner Strength Fellowship monthly calls.
  • 2-hour live group coaching support around the fellowship call topics.
  • 30-min Facebook live for live Q&A each month.
  • Private 1:1 call in month 6 for planning and action steps.
  • Featured support content.
  • Workshop and retreat discounts.
  • Access to Steve, as needed, in between sessions.

If you are ready to start making a major shift in your life as a man in community with other men who are doing the same, sign up for the next round of The Path to Peace.

6-month commitment
A limited number of spaces are available. 


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The Path to Peace: Men's Group Coaching

Group coaching for men looking to GROW in their connection with themselves and the world around them.

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