Why you procrastinate

Hello everyone and welcome to my Finding Men’s Peace blog.  I will use this blog to publish new content as well as to announce new happenings and events.  For this post I will focus on what is new at Finding Men’s Peace.  The most exciting news is that there is so much new that is happening here that I will need to split this into two blog posts!!


 Quote of the month – “A man is but a product of his thoughts.  What he thinks, he becomes.” – Mahatma Ghandi

My thoughts on this quote – 1) Look for ways to move from fear based thinking to love based thinking.  2) In fact, start looking for ways to get out of your head on things and let intuition (gut), heart, and spirit lead you.  This is an important yet often challenging shift to make.  Helping people make shifts and/or transitions is what coaching is all about.


At Finding Men’s Peace, I am all about helping men find ways to optimize their lives.  That could mean finding ways to move from frustration and overwhelm to a place of more joy and peace.  That could mean finding ways to optimize your career so that you feel challenged and rewarded – whether through improving things where you are, getting that promotion, or making a career transition.  That could mean looking at the challenges in your romantic relationship to help uncover ways that you can reach a place of fun, joy, and authentic partnership with your significant other again too.  It can mean so many things.  If you are a man, wherever you are looking to learn, grow, and evolve in your life from a holistic and authentic perspective I am here to help!

So what’s new?  Here goes:

I have a new free opt-in called Break The Stress Cycle:  The Four Keys to Moving From Overwhelm to Ease. It is focused on providing you with strategies for things you can do in your life to help reduce stress which in turn helps you live a happier and more productive life.  Check it out!  https://peacefulmen.com/break-through-the-stress-learn-the-four-keys-to-moving-from-overwhelm-to-ease/

Finding Inner Strength Fellowship – I am offering a monthly membership group that you can join called the Finding Inner Strength Fellowship.  Those men that join this group each month can sit in on and participate in a one hour call with me where I teach about a topic that when optimized in a man’s life, helps him build inner strength and therefore resilience.  This inner strength and resilience helps men get through the mental, emotional, and even sometimes physical challenges that happen in life.  I always say that we do a good job of recognizing how to build physical strength but you rarely hear anyone talking about building their inner strength.  This is unfortunate since we need inner strength to face today’s challenges in this world way more than we need physical strength.  My Finding Inner Strength Fellowship is a solution I am offering to help with this imbalance so that men can build their inner strength too.  This month’s topic is holding space.  Holding space is CRUCIAL to the health of relationships of all types (romantic, work colleagues, friends, family, etc.)  You can learn more by attending my Fellowship Call on either July 14 or July 15.  I invite you to join me.  Sign up via this link – https://peacefulmen.com/finding-inner-strength-fellowship/

And I have added two new sections to my website at peacefulmen.com.  They are:


Coaching Videos – Those who follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube are aware of the fact that I record videos via Facebook Live and then post the recordings to all three of those platforms.  Well, now they are also available from my website.  That way if you have a favorite that you want to get back to you don’t have to search for it on social media – you can just access it from my website.  Here is the link – https://peacefulmen.com/the-path-to-peace-mens-group-coaching/


Events – I have also added an events tab to showcase my workshops, retreats, guest podcasts, etc.  Currently I have a workshop scheduled for August 8 at Lotus Living Arts Studio in Concord, NC.  The title is Breaking Masculine Myths:  Rediscovering the Divine in Today’s Evolutionary Man.  I will be focusing on the myths vs. the truth of what it means to be a man of integrity in the world today.  I have several additional events on the near horizon so stay turned for more announcements here in the near future.  – https://peacefulmen.com/events/

 Stay tuned for What’s New at Finding Men’s Peace – July 2020 – Part 2, which will publish within the next week.  Thank you for reading!  Please do not hesitate to contact me via the links in the header or via the comments below if you have any questions.  To learn more about everything I offer at Finding Men’s Peace I invite you check out my website by clicking here.

With Peace, Love, and Gratitude,