Moving men from frustration and overwhelm to peace and joy. 

About Finding Men’s Peace

Through group webinars, coaching, workshops, retreats, and more, Finding Men’s Peace provides men with a safe space to explore their deepest wounds and their purest passions. Working with Finding Men’s Peace, men can dig deep into the aspects of their lives where they are experiencing frustration and work through them to find solutions that open their worlds up to a place of more peace and joy. 

My Journey

I first had the idea of starting Finding Men’s Peace when I started having regular experiences with finding ads for amazing retreats offered by women coaches but for women only. At first this frustrated me, but as I ran into this scenario more I began to realize there was a big need for this type of personal development specific to men as well. As I gained more knowledge in this area through life experiences, and through years of personal and spiritual discovery work with my own coaches, I began to realize that it was my calling to bring this work into the world for men. The work women are doing is creating a huge need for men to do the same. Women need men who are ready to meet them where they are. Men who are also willing to do the work. To learn and grow and become better men, husbands, boyfriends, fathers, sons. As a man, are you ready to take on this important challenge? I am here to help you get there.

Significance of Koi

The koi that are part of the logo have great significance. As a water garden enthusiast, I have had three koi ponds installed at homes where I have lived. These ponds and the fish, as well as the wildlife that the ponds attract, have been a great source of joy and peace in my life. When things got tough I would often find solace in watching the fish living their lives in the pond. My goal is to bring my clients to a place in their lives where they have access to their fullest level of joy and peace that meets and exceeds what I experienced with my water gardens.

Reach out to Steve to start your journey to more peace and joy today.

Meet Steve Strother

Welcome to Finding Men’s Peace!  My name is Steve Strother.  I am a life-long learner and I live my life to support that mantra.  Successes, Failures – both are necessary and offer opportunities for learning and growth.  I have certainly had plenty of each in my own life.

I have a passion for helping men live better lives in deeper connection with peace, joy, and their own inner strength.

Prior to starting Finding Men’s Peace I found traditional success in a 20+ year corporate sales career that was highly demanding of my time and energy but taught me the interpersonal communication skills that I use in coaching today.  I also have a Life Coaching Certificate earned through training at the Academy of Coaching Cognition where I learned the specific communication and strategic skills of coaching.

Through two marriages that ended in divorce, I learned important lessons that I convey to my clients through coaching.  Most importantly, I have learned how important it is for men to be honest emotionally in their relationships as this leads to better and more open communication stemming from the fact that in doing so the man is just as authentically himself in the relationship as his partner.

I believe that overall, men are struggling in this world. 

  • Struggling to figure out who they really are vs. the macho masculine stereotype. 
  • Struggling to maintain and advance in careers where they don’t feel free to express their true creativity. 
  • Struggling to find ways to thrive in relationships in this busy world with all of its external demands. 

I know that men can conquer these challenges by following their true authentic path to joy, peace, and growth.  All it takes is a realization that there is an issue and a desire to find a way to resolve it.  I am here to help!

Steve Strother