Being a man in this world has so many challenges yet it so often feels like society expects strong men to be silent, stoic, outwardly confident and emotion-free.

It can be hard to find anyone to talk to about those deep callings and aspirations you have.  You feel like there is only so much you can tell your friends and coworkers without fear of ridicule.  It is even tough to dig deep into it all with your significant other because they are almost too close to it all and might not be able to offer objective feedback.

It is a frustrating place to be but I am here to tell you it is completely normal.
And there is help available at Finding Men’s Peace.

Finding Men’s Peace is committed to offering a safe, confidential, and welcoming space for men to explore their paths to more peace and joy.  A place for men to rise up out of the sea of frustration and indecision that is keeping them stuck to a place where they find their own authentic masculine strengths.

Group and individual coaching are offered virtually via phone or teleconference.  In addition, men can join the Finding Inner Strength Fellowship group call once per month.  Please see below for detailed descriptions of each of my offerings.  Also, please come back to learn more as I add workshops, retreats, and speaking engagements in the near future.

All sessions are led by Steve Strother.  For more information please contact Steve at 704-794-8590 or click here.


Finding Inner Strength Fellowship Calls

Monthly group calls open to any man looking to LEARN how to connect with their inner strengths.

The Path to Peace: Men's Group Coaching

Group coaching for men looking to GROW in their connection with themselves and the world around them.

Breaking Masculine Myths Coaching

Yearly one-on-one intensive coaching for men looking to EVOLVE and fully awaken to their masculine potential.


  • Sacred Men’s Journey Workshop:
    Join Steve for this ½ day men’s healing journey. Check back for upcoming dates.


  • Breaking Masculine Myths Jumpstart:
    Join Steve for this three day, two-night jumpstart into understanding and integrating your own individual authentic strengths as a man in this world and how you can lead from the heart in all aspects of your life. Check back for upcoming dates.

Speaking Engagements:

  • Coming soon.