Finding Inner Strength Fellowship

Are you ready to take the first step in moving through all of the unanswered questions you have regarding how best to exist as a man of integrity in this world?

Are you ready to start learning more about the common challenges faced by men today and how to address them proactively in your life

Are you ready to connect with other men who feel the same way about traditional masculinity?

Via this paid monthly membership offering you will receive suggestions, ideas, and tips from Steve on issues/concerns related to masculinity in the world today. This is a one hour, monthly presentation style talk with Q&A to stimulate discussion. 

Finding Inner Strength Fellowship

Finding Inner Strength Fellowship


$20/mo membership

 About the Finding Inner Strength Fellowship Call Series

One of the key things that lead to men feeling frustrated in life is losing contact with their inner strength.  In the Finding Inner Strength Fellowship Calls, men will learn about the key areas of their life where they can reconnect with their inner strengths.  Men learn about these topics in a group setting with other men and have the opportunity for Q&A at the end of each monthly presentation.  From there, group members can take what they learn and find ways to bolster those areas in their own lives.

These calls will be held once per month on Wednesday evenings at 8:30p EST (exact dates listed below). Recordings will be sent if you cannot make the call live.

Upcoming Topics Include:

AUGUST 12th (8:30-9:30EST): Practicing discernment – cultivate the ability to take available information, synthesize it, and determine what is best or most true.  Understand and practice discernment to help you gain a sense of confidence that you have been seeking in your own decision making.

SEPTEMBER 9 (8:30-9:30EST): Forming a clear purpose – Find that place of fulfillment that you have been searching for.  Move into a healthier, happier, more vibrant life.

October 14th (8:30-9:30p EST):  Harnessing Your Creativity

November 18th (8:30-9:30EST): Feeling and Expressing Gratitude – .

December 16th (8:30-9:30p EST): Practicing Compassion – 

January 19th (8:30 – 9:30 EST) Holding space – Learn to be with someone without judgment. Give them the space to work through their concerns and in so doing you will open up a whole new and very much needed trust connection.  If you are looking for a key to improving all of your relationships – romantic, business, friendships, etc – look no further!!


More topics to be announced soon… 

Finding Inner Strength Fellowship

Finding Inner Strength Fellowship


$20/mo membership


Finding Inner Strength Fellowship Calls

Monthly group calls open to any man looking to LEARN how to connect with their inner strengths.

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