Breaking Masculine Myths

1:1 Coaching Intensive

Finding Your Voice, Strength, and Integrity as a Man in Today’s World

You have been bumping up against frustration regarding your roles as a man in this world for as long as you can remember.

To the world, your life seems ideal.  A successful career, good income.  A nice house.  You possibly are married with a family.  Or maybe you are single with or without a family.  But things just aren’t fitting together.  All of that looks great from the outside but none of it feels like it is working the way you had hoped anymore.  It is like you are living everyone else’s dream for you but not your own.

One or more of the following statements resonate with you:

  • I am frustrated because I am not even sure how a man is supposed to act and feel in this world anymore. I see the stereotypical masculine represented all over the place and it just doesn’t feel like me.
  • I am overwhelmed because I spend so much time and energy at work that I feel drained by the time I get home and for that reason I just can’t seem to connect with my loved ones anymore.
  • I feel stuck in my career. I have reached a nice level of success and income but now I just feel like I am in a place of protecting what I have and I feel that for that reason I have lost my creativity, my passion, my strength, and my drive when it comes to my career.

If any of those statements resonate then you are ready for the Breaking Masculine Myths Men’s Coaching Program.  You are fed up with feeling this way and you are ready to dig deeper than you ever have before to get back to that place of strength, peace, and joy that you remember having before. 

Breaking Masculine Myths is a one year men’s coaching program designed to help you fully integrate your strengths through masculine energy, open up fully to your emotions, learn to be more comfortable taking action, and learn to operate from your heart center.

Learn to move from a place of frustration and/or overwhelm to a place of strength, peace, and joy. Topics will include: 

  • Connecting to Emotions
  • Expressing Emotions
  • Processing Emotions
  • Exploring Toxic Masculinity
  • Sacred masculine
  • Sacred feminine
  • Masculine and Feminine Energy
  • Taking Action Vs. Staying in Your Head
  • Taking Action on Your Life Purpose/Passion/Calling
  • Finding Ways to be of Service
  • Capstone Month

What you get:

  • Two private one-hour coaching sessions per month.
  • Access to the monthly group membership calls.
  • Featured support content.
  • 2 Emergency Sessions to be used when you most need them.
  • Workshop and retreat discounts.
  • Access to Steve, as needed, in between sessions.

If you are ready to go all-in on your quest to better understand how you can break through masculine stereotypes and in so doing, fully find yourself as the amazing, strong, compassionate man that you are, now is your time. 

Space is limited. 

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